Automatic updater for phpList

This page concerns phpList self-hosted users only. If you have a registered account at the phpList Hosted service, please contact

The Updater plugin is available in phoList 3.6.13+.

The new updater comes in the form of a plugin. The Updater plugin will identify whether there is a new phpList version available to install.

Visit the documentation wiki page on how to install and run the Updater plugin:

From this line onward, the documentation does not apply any longer. This updater has been deprecated. The documentation below remains published for archive purposes only.

Provides an easy, automated, web-based update mechanism for phpList installations.


The phpList updater gives you an easy way to upgrade your installation via web interface. In just four steps you can update your installation to the latest release.

The Updater is available in phpList 3.3.7+.


The automatic updater requires the following PHP extensions: curl, zip and pdo.


You have to be a superadmin in order to update phpList via Automatic Updater. The updater is currently performing the following steps. If one of those steps fail, you will have the possibility to correct the error and retry from the current step.


On the first step, several checks are performed such as if there is an update available, integration check and permissions check.


  1. Check if there is an update available. If there is an Update Available you can continue to the next step.
  2. Check for write permissions. All phpList should be writable by the apache HTTP user in order for the automatic updater to work. The updater stops if it finds not writable files and lists them. To continue, change file permissions for listed ones and click next to try again.
  3. Integration check. Check whether all required phpList files are in place and also if unexpected files are present. The updater stops if it finds unexpected files (not from phpList default installation) and lists them. .

Back up

The user is asked whether they want a backup of the software. Please note that this is not a database back up. Back up is recommended for users that might have changed phpList files.

If you don't need to back up the software, please choose "No" and you will continue to the next step.