Case studies

Below are six examples of how phpList is used, including a small business, a large business, a city and a community group. They are ordered by the number of emails sent per month.

  • Large Business - 500,000 to 6 million emails per month
  • Artist & Record label - 10,000 emails per month
  • Re-seller - facilitating several phpList installations
  • Small business - 500-1000 emails a month
  • Government department - 500 emails a month
  • Community Group - less than 100 emails a month

Large Business is "the largest theatre website in the world" and is devoted to all things Broadway and theatre. Their website has news about shows, audition listings, user forums and a blog. 

broad_way_world_homepage.png has around 500,000 subscribers on their phpList system, and these are divided into smaller lists by State and/or Country, for example.

They grow their lists by sign up's though their website and from special offers and promotions throughout the year.


They send 2 to 3 campaigns per week which provide news and information to theatre lovers. They have an average open rate of 3-8%.

The aim of the newsletter is to provide readers with relevant information and special offers for Broadway shows and related media on behalf of advertisers.Their phpList system is managed by two staff members: one who collects the information from the advertisers and assembles campaigns and another who updates the lists and sends the campaigns, as well as dealing with any technical issues. They sometimes seek additional paid technical support from phpList Ltd.


BroadwayWorld started their newsletter in 2003 when they launched their website: a newsletter has always been integral to their business model. Initially they used proprietary hosted solutions which they found too expensive. They then tried using a 'homegrown' solution but they soon outgrew its capabilities. For them phpList was the happy medium: easy to scale, free and within their technical capabilities to host. BroadwayWord has been using phpList since 2009.


Artist & Record label

Attila Fodor (FineCutBodies) is a musician, producer and a former developer (of playstation games!).

He runs an indie record label which has had more than 60 releases and hundreds of gigs since 2000. He goes on world tours and has aired over 700 hours of radio content in the last 15 years. He also teaches at the Budapest School of Music Technology, running a regular class on digital technology and basic sound design paradigms. He is a regular phpList contributor.


FineCutBodies started a newsletter when he founded his record label in 2001. He began by pasting email lists into the Bcc line in his mail software. When the list started to grow he tried a few different newsletter programs. 

In 2014 he started searching for a newsletter software which could provide bespoke functionality and smooth website integration. As an audiovisual coder and video game developer, FineCutBodies has used his coding experience to customise phpList to his needs.