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    DG5 360 degree routed tank cleaning nozzle
    Model: 360 degree routed tank cleaning nozzle
    Material:316L SS
    Max. tank diameter:5m
    Max. pressure: 30 bar
    Cleaning cycle time: 2-6 minutes
    Min. tank openings: 98mm
    Operating pressure:5-20Bar
    Temperature range:90°
    Installation: Operation in every direction is possible
    Design feature:
    ● Very high cleaning performance already at low pressure
    ● Driven and lubricated by the cleaning fluid
    ● 360 degree Systematically cleans the entire tank interior
    ● Compact, durable and easy to maintain
    ● Optimized structural design makes water jet with greater impact
    ● Excellent seal design, only 3% leakage of water
    ● Designed with a separate gearbox, uneasy to get clogging
    ● Handle the most serious tank cleaning applications.
    ● Provides a powerful and thorough 360-degree cleaning pattern, 100% thoroughly clean
    ● Ideal cleaning results with short cleaning cycle times
    ●Available in different kind of nozzle size
    Programmed rotation machines:
    The cleaning fluid drives via the turbine an internal gear reducer that keeps the sprayer turning in two planes.
    In the course of spraying cycle, the jets sweep the entire inside surface of the tank according to the set trajectory.
    DG5 rotating tank cleaning nozzle are suitable for small tanks &totes, such as fuel ethanol, beer, chemical, industrial fermentation industry and the need for high impact cleaning occasions.
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