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    Plastic lunch box thermoforming machine adopts the most advanced thermoforming technology. Our plastic thermoforming machine combines high output, high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, suitable for mass production. Its outstanding stability and superior performance will provide an excellent return. This plastic lunch box thermoforming machine use negative pressure forming assist with plug. The sheet traction is gone through chain and servo motor to make feeding length easy, high speed and accurate. And there is another servo motor in cutting station to make products cutting properly. Otherwise, all production data and technical parameter can be saved and read in touch screen.
    Finished Samples:
    Technical Parameter:
    Brief Introduction:
    DB-520 series automatic thermoforming machine, as the first domestic new-type machine, is researched and developed by our scientific researcher according to the market demands and our past production technology. This machine is a multi station automatic machine, which solve the problems of food packaging hygienc standards. It not only solves a lot of problems effectively in the production of PP, PS, PET, PVC and PLA plastic products, such as large capital investment, large labor input, complicated production process, lower hygienic security, etc, but also has extensive usage. It can be used in the production of PP, PS, PET, PVC, PLA plastic products using in metals, food, pharmaceutical, etc. The machine enjoys beautiful appearance and good price. It is popular with the customers at home and abroad!
    Technical Parameter:
    Max. Cutting Speed10-35 times/min10-35 times/min
    Max. Forming Length350mm350mm
    Max. Forming Width530mm530mm
    Max. Forming Depth50mm80mm
    Material Thickness0.1mm-1.5mm0.1mm-1.5mm
    Heating Power48KW48KW
    Motor Power7KW11KW
    Power and Total Power380V 50HZ(220V 60HZ)22KW Three-phase and four-wire380V 50HZ(220V 60HZ)22KW Three-phase and four-wire
    Pressure of Water Supply0.2MPa0.2MPa
    Water Consumption0.3m3/h (Tap water or Circulating cooling water)0.3m3/h (Tap water or Circulating cooling water)
    Exhaust Volume≥0.8m3/min≥0.8m3/min
    Air Pressure0.6-0.8MPa0.6-0.8MPa
    Machine Install Size6000×1800×2000mm6000×1800×2100mm
    Packing Size6200×2000×2200mm6200×2000×2300mm
    Max. Width of Material560mm560mm
    Configuration list:
    Touch Screen 10inchKunlun Tongtai
    PLCSiemens Germany
    EncoderOMRON Japan
    RelaySchneider France
    Proximity switchOMRON Japan
    Power switchSchneider France
    Servo MotorINVT (Shenzhen, China)
    Temperature moduleHexin China
    Frequency converterINVT (Shenzhen, China)
    Circuit breakerSchneider France
    Button switchSchneider France
    Emergency stop switchSchneider France
    Solenoid valveAIRTAC Taiwan
    CylinderAIRTAC Taiwan
    solid state relay ;YANGMING Taiwan
    pressure reducing valveAIRTAC TaiwanPlastic Box Thermoforming Machine manufacturers