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    1, Overview
    The cast steel wire rope is made of the world’s highest quality wire rope and high-strength anchors. It is consolidated by the world’s most advanced casting process. It is a special tool for fixing, shifting and carrying heavy objects. It is also a metal structure. Key components subject to pre-stressing. There are two forms of hot casting and cold casting, and the structure is divided into open type, closed type, forked type, adjustable type and the like. Processing range: 蠁6mm~ 蠁 190mm, and can design and manufacture non-standard steel wire ropes according to user requirements.
    2, Features
    The open cast steel wire rope sling is made of high quality steel wire rope in the world, and is pressed and formed by the world’s professional wire rope deep processing equipment and processing technology. The easy connection between the object and the object to be lifted is a safe and suitable lifting tool for lifting, shifting and carrying heavy objects.
    3, Application
    Widely used in machinery, metallurgy, construction, shipbuilding, bridge engineering, sports venues, oil, fisheries, forestry, drilling, coal mines, ports and other industries.
    The wire rope structure is different, and its working load is also different. The working load can be calculated according to the wire rope structure required by the customer.
    4, Manufacturers introduction
    Yaguang Rigging Co., Ltd. has strong technical force, advanced production technology, complete testing facilities, and established a reliable quality assurance system and perfect after-sales service system. The main products are: spreader series, metallurgical fixture series, lifting hook series, hanging beam series, steel lifting clamp series, synthetic fiber hoisting belt series, composite steel rope series, nylon rope series, chain complete rigging series…… Products are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, railway, chemical, ship, port, mining, construction and other industries. China Wire Rope Rigging factory