This is the developers page on out community exchange. There are some super-simple-summaries of developer tasks below, and some more detailed information here. The technical documentation for, eg, sys-admins is here.

I would like to report a bug or suggest a feature

search-black  Search for the bug in GitHub Issues or Community forum. Has someone already reported it?
bug-black Report the bug on GitHub Issues (or add additional info to the current report of there is one).
collaborate-black Collaborate: track the bug and discuss it with other people on GitHub Issues and Pull Requests and on the forum: more information might be needed.
celebrate-black Celebrate: The development team will set to work on fixing the bug, so well done for being part of the team!

I want to test a Release Candidate (RC)

One great way to support phpList is to test new versions prior to release.

join-community-black Join the phpList forum. Every time there is a new release, you will be notified there.

join-mailinglist-black Receive notice of a new release candidate, which will contact the download link.
upgrade-black Upgrade one or more live installs to the release candidate version
use-black Use your installs as normal, check for any issues
read-black Read the changelog for that version, checking for bugs with the new features
bug-black Report: If you find a problem, make a bug report and select the appropriate release candidate as the version number. If you know how to fix the problem, make a pull request and add a link in the bug report.

I would like to fix a bug

Please note that to contribute to the phpList core you need to sign the Contributor License Agreement.

search-black  Search for the bug GitHub Issues. Has someone already reported it?
join-community-black  If you don’t have an account already, create an account here.
fork-black Fork: create a GitHub account and fork the phpList git repository
write-40x40-black Write: play with the code, figure out what is wrong, and write a fix. Here are some resources to help you.
pull-black Pull: Send a Pull Request from GitHub
wait-black Wait for merge or feedback from code reviewers
celebrate-black Celebrate when the bug is fixed and the issue is closed.

I would like to make a plugin

If you would like to tweak phpList, to customise it to your exact needs, then a plugin is a great way to do that. You can pay an expert to make a plugin for you, or make one yourself using the guide below.

search-black  Look at the current list of features and plugins, is your plugin needed?
collaborate-black Collaborate: discuss your idea with other people on GitHub and on the forum.
read-black Read the plugins’ documentation here.
write-40x40-black Write your plugin.
create-plugin-black Test the plugin: send a link to your code, preferably on GitHub, to the developers mailing list for testing. You may also write a blog to encourage testing.
celebrate-black  Celebrate when your plugin has been tested, it may be added to our plugins list.

Other ways to get involved

 write-40x40-black Write technical documentation. Please contact the documentation team if you feel you can help with this vital task.

fork-black phpList 4: the rewrite. If you would like to work on the phpList re-write, please submit your issues and patches to GitHub