What is phpList?

phpList is software for sending email newsletters, marketing campaigns and announcements: you can send to millions of subscribers or just to a few hundred. phpList is used via a web browser and installed on your server. For more information see the features page.

How much does phpList cost?

phpList is free to download and run on your own servers. Running phpList effectively requires an appropriate hosting package and access to a working mail server, capable of delivering your campaigns. Even expert users will need help from time to time: community support is available on this website, including documentation and forums. Professional support is also available from experienced consultants and community members. phpList.com provides free hosted accounts and paid plans.

What is Open Source?

phpList software is Open Source: this means you can use it for any purpose and you have the right to study, change and share the software. One result of these freedoms are Open Source communities, like the phpList community, where software is developed, translated, supported and promoted by the individuals and organisations who use it. By working together everyone gains. Much of the internet is built with Open Source software, common examples being WordPress and Firefox browser.

Why should I use Open Source?

The benefits of Open Source software are varies and substantial: your specific reasons for going Open Source will depend on your situation.

As a community group, small business or start-up, perhaps you are looking for a lean, economical choice. You can use peer-to-peer support to learn how to use the software, and enjoy being part of a user community.

As a large company, government department or charity, perhaps the flexibility and privacy aspects appeal to you. You can pay developers to customise the software for you, integrate it with your current systems and keep your data on your own servers. There is no vendor lock in with Open Source software, upgrades are free and there are and no licence fees: going Open Source can save a lot of money across large scale deployments.

What licence does phpList have?

The core phpList application uses the AGPLv3 license. This means that if you make changes to phpList you may be requested to pass them back up stream to the main project, especially if you are giving public access to the changed code as a re-seller. Additionally phpList has a contributors agreement, code contributions to phpList become the property of phpList ltd. to give greater protection to the code-base.

Can I use the phpList logos and trademarks?

Yes — see the Trademark Guidelines and Design Notes for information on how to do so correctly.

Who are phpList ltd?

The primary developers of phpList are phpList ltd. They are also copyright and trademark owners of the phpList code and name. phpList ltd offers phpList as a service through phpList.com, and use the proceeds to further develop and grow the phpList software and community. Donations to phpList go to phpList ltd.

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