phpList community statistics

Why we use statistics

It is hard for the phpList community to see itself. We exist mostly online, we come from all over the world, we speak many languages and we use phpList for many things and many reasons. It is good for a community to look in the mirror now and then, especially if what’s looking back is awesome! Below is a little information about the origin of the data we display. Please understand that this data is just an estimate, a snap shot.

Number of emails sent

On the home page you can see how many emails were sent in the past 12 months, and how many this year. This data is taken from the statsreports that phpList sends: this tells us the numbers of mails sent sent and how long it took: it can be turned of if you wish. You can read about it here

Number of countries

The mentioned above sends us the data in an email: the IP of the email is used to estimate the number of countries that phpList is used in. Technically, this is the number of countries that have servers running phpList. Countries are defined by the global GeoIP database.