phpList Design Notes

To keep phpList looking good and represented consistently, the following design guidelines must be used wherever phpList is presented. In October 2019 phpList published a new Brand Guideline with an updated logo, color scheme, fonts, and imagery. You can find the new Brand Guideline on the Blog of this website and a PDF presentation explaining how the phpList branding should and should not be used.

In addition to the color scheme and logos below, please review the Trademark Guidelines when using or adapting phpList visual materials for your own projects.

Brand colours and community

  • phpList logo: black = #253746, company and hosted services application & information colours:

    • blue = #418FDE
    • orange = #FF8F6D
    • green = #22AE8A


phpList uses Sans Serif fonts. Montserrat for headings and titles, and Source Sans Pro for body text.


If you wish to use any of the about brand elements but you are still uncertain on how to use them, you can ask on the community forum for further feedback.