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Bloggers... we have a problem

If you Google phpList, you’ll see some great reviews… from 2012.

It’s not that we’re ungrateful — really — we’re not. It’s just that since 2012 so much has happened!

  • We launched phpList 3, which included major changes (and excluded the orange interface!)
  • The service has taken off, to the extent that…
    • …in 2013 phpList took on several new staff members, including a community manager
  • We launched
  • We have many new translations
  • A new plugin system
  • A new API is on it’s way
  • A new manual is coming…

From a phpList perspective, 2012 just seems like forever ago.

I guess we just haven’t been working hard enough to get your attention… so, we made a plan to woo you good and proper!

Before every new release of phpList we will provide tech bloggers who join out new list with:

  • a pre-release seek-preview of each new version
  • a bunch of screenshots
  • a list of new features
  • advance access to any new materials, eg, manual, videos

We will also provide early access to other major releases, for example

  • The new phpList manual
  • The new phpList API

In short, we hope that we can excite you all enough to make spreading the word about phpList a pleasure! Whether that be by writing a new blog, updating the screenshots on an old one, or tweeting out on launch day.

All of these things will help phpList party like it’s 2015!