Download phpList

There are many ways to use phpList, including operating your own server or getting a free hosted account on See all the ways to get phpList.

Download phpList

There are also several other ways to use phpList

Download phpList Release Candidates for testing


phpList version 3.6.14 is the latest stable release. It was released on Wednesday 4th, October 2023.

System requirements

See system requirements in the Resources wiki


The phpList user manual explains how to install it. However, before you get started, there are several simpler ways to get phpList.


If you are upgrading from a version earlier than 3.4.7, then read our manual chapter on upgrading. The general procedure is as follows:

  • Backup your database
  • Copy your config.php file in a safe place
  • Download the latest version of phpList
  • Overwrite all the code of the current version with the new one. You can upload the “lists” directory and all it contains
  • Copy your config.php back
  • Login to the phpList admin pages and click the “upgrade” link
  • Just to be sure, use the “Verify database structure” page to check that your database structure is correct

You may also wish to check the latest config.php and re-edit it to match your system.


phpList is licensed with the AGPL version3+. Please make sure that you understand this license before downloading it.