How to install phpList

Use a hosted account on provides fully managed phpList accounts, without the need for your own hosting or technical knowledge. New accounts include free messages each month, and are set up in seconds. Learn more at

Pay an expert to to install phpList for you

Independent phpList experts are listed on the professional support page, which includes approved consultants who offer paid support including installation and upgrade services. You can contact them directly. phpList Ltd. takes no commission from consultants and is not responsible for their actions.

Install phpList on your own server, using community support

You can install phpList on your own server or shared hosting using documentation and community support to guide you. Be aware that your hosting provider may limit or block your use of phpList or restrict the send speed of your campaigns. Delivering campaigns successfully using phpList requires a properly configured SMTP server (for sending mail), an IP address with a good reputation, and correct configuration of DNS, SPF, and DMARC for successful campaign delivery.

Automated and assisted installation methods

  • Get phpList in your favourite cloud via Bitnami. Bitnami provides phpList for Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Download a server image, or deploy in Amazon EC2 in minutes using Turnkey Linux.
  • Set up the phpList contrib on Koozali SME server. Koozali is a Centos based server distribution for small businesses. This is an RPM package, suitable for any RPM based Linux system.
  • Download a complete virtual server image with phpList pre-installed from AMPPS. This will allow you to run phpList on your local machine. It’s a great way to try phpList and see what it can do.
  • Install on your cPanel server with Softaculous or Fantastico. This depends on your ISP providing these packages.