New guide for use of phpList logos and trademarks


Today new advice on how to use trademarks related to phpList has been published as the Trademark Guidelines. phpList is used widely for both sending and managing email campaigns, and also providing newsletter services and software from community members to others.

Because it is Open Source software both created and deployed by an international community, it isn’t always clear what ‘phpList’ and associated logos refers to. However clear communication about what phpList means is important for the project’s integrity and maintaining user trust, and various trademarks are registered internationally by phpList Ltd. to safeguard this.

We want you to use the phpList name and logo — these guidelines explain traps to avoid and how to brand your own services and extensions correctly to avoid confusion. Based on documents provided by, the guidelines are comprehensive and legally valid. We’ve followed the same advice used by CentOS, CakePHP, and others. Have a read and help keep our diverse ecosystem consistent in the way phpList-related-things are referred to!

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