A love letter to Free Software


Did you already say “I Love you” to your significant other today? We strongly encourage you do so 🙂

However, other than Valentine’s day, February 14th is “I love Free Software Day“. This is a tradition launched by Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) as a day to say “Thank you” to everyone who is engaged with Open Source. On this day people gather in meetups or send love letters to their favorite Open Source communities. Have a look at the #ilovefs hashtag on Twitter.

From the phpList family to yours

“Open Source” does not reflect only the conviction of the source code being open and free, but it reflects our dedication to an Open Source Culture. Technology is about making societies evolve with innovative ideas. The more people are engaged with this effort, the more ideas we have on the table. “Open Source Culture” encourages communication among large groups of people no matter where they are based, no matter educational background, skin color, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability.

phpList has been around for many years and the latest version that you can freely download is the result of the work of many people who have spent many hours writing code, writing documentation, testing, translating strings, writing blogposts, etc. The phpList community “meets” at the online community forum and the phpList GitHub repos. They ask questions, respond to one an other, propose new ideas and features.

❤️ Thank you!

At phpList, we put some thoughts on paper for how Open Source makes us better but we use many Open Source services and we want to thank each and one of them. We choose to be fully Open Source because it allows us to adapt every service to our needs <3

Thank you:

May the FOSS be with you.

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