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Moving issues from Mantis to GitHub

Mantis is a well-known open source bug tracker system that has been around for as much time as phpList, 2 decades. The development of phpList has been tracked with issues via Mantis on a dedicated self-host installation. The phpList Mantis installation contains some legacy development history: development proposals, issue tracking and release tracking. Since the… [+]

Revamping the community forum

Besides a coding license, one of the core values of “open source” is “collaboration”. Collaboration among developers, maintainers, testers, designers and end-users. All these “nodes” lead to community-made software that is designed to benefit the modern Internet users to achieve their goals. phpList is not an exception to the rule above, and in order to… [+]

Join the Translation Team

You are invited to join the phpList Translations Team! After a while that the Translations’ system has not been active, now everything works like a charm. You can localize phpList in your language by simply registering an account. How does it work? In case you don’t have an account already, you register a new account… [+]

PHP 8 is not supported yet

With the release of PHP 8 in November 2020 numerous changes were introduced. This was a major release for PHP and breaking changes and improvements were introduced. The latest versions of PHP allow more flexibility to its users and saves them important development time. For now, phpList cannot support these changes. This means that you… [+]

Telspace Systems findings on phpList – Story Time

The article below was initially published on the Telspace Systems blog under the “Creative Commons – Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)” license. This article describes step by step Telspace Systems’ findings on phpList. Special thanks to Dino Covotsos for reaching out and for putting together this article! Both issues are now fixed and included… [+]