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I am a vegan, Free Software advocate from the UK. I enjoy writing technical documentation, video editing, blogging, promoting Free and Open Source Software and meeting new people. I also like cooking, painting, reading forgotten old books, talking and hanging out with my friends and family and with the small zoo that lives in my house (Cats, Dogs etc).

Open Standards Make Our World Go Round

To celebrate Document Freedom Day 2014, I have made an infographic which (I hope) explains how integral Open Standards are to our digital world and society, and in particular to our phpList community. Open Standards Open Standards are, roughly speaking, specifications for formats (such as .odf) or protocols (such as www) that are freely available… [+]

Open Source Synergy

GnuPG, the highly regarded Open Source email encryption software, used phpList to launch a successful campaign. Today, GnuPG finished the first stage of a high profile crowd funding campaign. They used phpList as a key part of their marketing strategy. The campaign made 100% of the target amount within a whirlwind 26 hours, and has… [+]

Introducing Anna

Hello, I am Anna, the new community manager at phpList. The 4th Jan is Community Manager Appreciation Day so I thought I should introduce myself and tell you a little about what I will be doing and who I am. I enjoy promoting Free and Open Source software, writing technical documentation, video editing, blogging and… [+]

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