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I am a vegan, Free Software advocate from the UK. I enjoy writing technical documentation, video editing, blogging, promoting Free and Open Source Software and meeting new people. I also like cooking, painting, reading forgotten old books, talking and hanging out with my friends and family and with the small zoo that lives in my house (Cats, Dogs etc).

Can you test Release Candidates?

Last summer we started trialling some new ways for people to get involved in phpList development. We tested a few things, and found that the release candidate method had a great response. Our next release candidate is due very soon. You can sign up to receive it by using the subscribe form immediately below, or… [+]

The gift of Open: we have liftoff

To Celebrate phpList’s 15th birthday we asked the phpList community to nominate Open Source projects to receive unlimited gratis use of Each nominee has now been sent their goodiebag. The nominations In total, 20 projects were nominated. These ranged from community lead endeavours such as DokuWiki and Inkscape, through Open Source favourites like Piwik… [+]

Giving the community room to grow: is coming soon

At the end of May, we will be launching, a brand new website which will upgrade the current community site and all community resources including forums, documentation, download and blog. The new site will be focused (like a laser beam) on the phpList community, including all self-hosted and self-service resources. There will be room… [+]

Document Foundation use phpList: for Document Freedom Day and beyond.

Today is Document Freedom Day (DFD), an international celebration of Open Standards. phpList are delighted to celebrate DFD by announcing that The Document Foundation have accepted unlimited gratis use of services. The Document Foundation, guardians of LibreOffice and founders of The Document Liberation Project, believe that “documents and their content belong to their creators,… [+]