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Automatic Updater: an easier way to upgrade phpList

A fuss-free means of upgrading to the latest phpList features is the most community-requested feature of all time, and now it’s here for testing. From phpList 3.3.7 onwards, upgrading to the next version can be achieved in four clicks. This feature has been regularly requested in the Forum, Issue tracker, and at meetups. A key… [+]

phpList Bug Squashing Party – 3 bugs squashed, 7 installations, 16 changes on the manual

Last Saturday 15 hackers, translators, testers and documenters brought the phpList “Bug Squashing Party” to life at Open Labs Hackerspace in Tirana. The event aimed to get first-time contributors to improve phpList, sharing their skills and putting them into practice; getting their hands dirty with a widely-used Open Source application. To keep the event buzzing… [+]