phpList Bug Squashing Party – 3 bugs squashed, 7 installations, 16 changes on the manual


Last Saturday 15 hackers, translators, testers and documenters brought the phpList “Bug Squashing Party” to life at Open Labs Hackerspace in Tirana. The event aimed to get first-time contributors to improve phpList, sharing their skills and putting them into practice; getting their hands dirty with a widely-used Open Source application. To keep the event buzzing phpList Ltd. donated a new espresso machine to Open Labs (after all, curious coders are known to covet caffeine).

The event was split into three parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation and development environment workshop, and
  3. Hackathon

All the participants were already familiar with phpList and its basic uses, so the introduction flew-by. The Installfest saw most people successfully install phpList on their laptops for testing and development, and as after-party homework some promised to follow the manual and set it up on their personal servers as well.

After the warm up, a break for pizza, music and some dancing galvanised the party for the ensuing hackfest.

Sleeves were rolled up, and they got stuck into bug-hunting, bug-squashing, pull requests, Greek and Albanian translations, and documentation improvements. Collaboration and ‘co-learning’ followed, aided by a ‘Skill exchange’ board where experts listed talents that could be easily found (thanks to WikiMedia Hackathons for the inspiration).

By the end of the day, these were the scores:

Issues Fixed 3
phpList Installations 7
Strings Translated 300+
Issues Reported 1
Documentation Improvements 16

T-shirts were awarded and stickers distributed, well earned by the tremendous team.


A big thank you goes out to everyone who participated in this event: Dorian, Atdhe, Anisa, Anja, Izabela, Donald, Beris, Anxhelo, Ares, Kristina, Elio, Redon, Nafie, Silva, and Jana. You made it a success and you made phpList better for everyone!

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