Feedback system for new phpList manual


Six weeks ago we published the new phpList manual: we have now introduced a feedback system, so you can feedback to our documentation team. There are two methods to feed back, you can rate the manual or an individual chapter out of five, or you can reply with questions or comments via a linked forum thread.

The motivation behind these feedback mechanisms is to improve the new manual and to continue to increase community involvement in the documentation.

Rate a page

For quick and simple feedback, you can rate a page out of five, from 1/5 Not helpful at all


… to 5/5 This page was very helpful.


Once you have chosen your rating it will stick for a while, and your rating will help our documentation team spot problem pages in the manual.


Once we have received a few ratings for each page we will display that data along side the ratings bar.

Feedback on forums

If you want to give more complex feedback, there is an option for that too. At the bottom of each chapter there is a link to a dedicated thread in the forums. If you find a mistake in the manual, or if you find a section hard to understand, then you can start click the link in the Feedback section:


and you will come to the thread in the forums.


This is modelled on the same system we use for comments on blogs (like at the bottom of this page). You can ask questions or give feedback there.

Additionaly, our forum platform (Discourse) has a great feature to keep these permanent threads about manual chapters trim and succinct. For example, if a feedback message starts to turn into a support request, a new linked topic can be created, which will visibly link back to the original topic. Groups of posts can also be moved into a new topic to keep things tidy.

Let us know what you think of the new system by clicking the link below!


phpList Community Manager




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