phpList 3.3.4 released: 3 new features, 5 UX improvements, 20 fixes


phpList 3.3.4 includes three new features, five usability improvements, and 20 fixes. See the Download page for installation and upgrade instructions.

Changes in this release


  1. New ‘Copy to Draft’ option to duplicate campaigns, as an alternative to editing an existing campaign and converting it back into a draft. This option does not copy attachments – based on the feedback provided that might be added in the future. Thanks to Rolan Yang who reported and implemented the feature – See the pull request;
  2. New option to choose whether subscribers imported via copy and paste import are automatically marked as confirmed or not (‘confirmed’ remains the default);
  3. “Reset template” option added to Subscribe page management, providing an easy route to updating subscribe page design to the latest default template (resets the value of the ‘subscription-ui settings’). You can read more about this here .
  4. Show the lists which a campaign was sent to on the overview of ‘List Campaigns’ page to more easily differentiate between similar campaigns. Thanks to Duncan, for proposing and implementing this feature – See the pull request.


  1. Rearranged menus and pages:
    • ‘Campaigns’, ‘Bounces’, ‘Subscription’ tabs have been moved from the ‘User History’ page to the Subscriber Profile page, so that all a subscriber’s information is accessible from one place;
    • ‘Add a new subscriber’ option is removed from the ‘Subscribers’ menu;
    • ‘Info’ menu removed;
    • ‘Configure attributes’ menu link is moved from the ‘Config’ menu to the ‘Subscribers’ menu, as it is closely related to subscriber management.
  2. Public Pages:
    • ‘Subscription already confirmed’ page now displays the lists the subscriber is a member of;
    • ‘Update preferences’ link is no longer displayed to subscribers who’re already blacklisted;
    • The order of tabs on ‘Add new subscribe page’ is changed to put most used tabs first;
    • On ‘Add new Subscribe page’ page, text/html preference is no longer offered to subscribers by default.
  3. ‘Back to top’ button for easier navigation on long pages;
  4. Removed ‘Change admin password’ from Checklist page;
  5. Numerous improvements to table column titles, labels and number formatting.


  1. Segmentation plugin dependency problem with PHP 5.4;
  2. Organisation logo editing and removal;
  3. Removal of test campaign when clicks have already been recorded;
  4. Campaign click statistics download, missing file extension;
  5. Failed login with very short usernames giving “Please Enter Credentials” message;
  6. Test message opens counted as campaign views when ‘reset click statistics’ is checked;
  7. Missing space after URL placeholders – to avoid invalid user id / malformed URLs;
  8. List of available lists right-aligned on public pages;
  9. Encode text message in editor;
  10. Outdated default attribute values for ‘Countries of the world’;
  11. Database error when you load a default attribute more than once;
  12. phplist_user_user table not updated correctly when blacklisted removed subscriber is re-imported;
  13. Alert message strings in index.php and strCheckbox text do not support translation;
  14. Subject/title issue on statistics page and dashboard — only using the meta title and not the subject;
  15. ‘Send test’ from templates page available only for ‘System Templates’;
  16. Error with email content when processing bounces — change bounce data field datatype from blob to mediumblob;
  17. Escaped apostrophe visible in subscription page’s title.

Special thanks to our forum users: @blu-IT@phpvdn@Force, and everybody else who reported the bugs related to the latest update.


  1. Create hash columns and unique indexes — see pull request;
  2. “Fatal error: Your version is older than 3.2.0” when upgrading from a dev version;
  3. Add check to prevent enabling a plugin that does not meet its dependencies — thanks Duncan, see the pull request;
  4. Added compatibility for PHP 7.2 and higher;
  5. Escape campaign content and attachment fields using htmlentities on Campaign Composer page;
  6. Migrate from Mince to Grunt to minify css and js files on Dressprow theme — see usage documentation;
  7. Corrupted value on Subscribe page text attribute.


This release is the work of Duncan Cameron, Rolan Yang, and other Open Source community members, as well as phpList Ltd. developers.

To get involved in phpList development, check out the developer resources pages.


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