phpList 3.0.11 released


fb-logo-for-v4-blackA new year, a new release – bugs fixed and new features to try.

Welcome to phpList 3.0.11! Mostly this is a bug fix and security release, however, we have released remote queue processing in beta for the adventurous to help test.

Export subscribers fix

Some (but not all) users were having problems exporting subscribers. Some of these issues were wrapped up in the last release, and the remaining problems have now been deal with. If you have any further issues with this please report them here.

Default to HTML

The various options for subscribe pages which allow subscribers to choose between HTML and plain text are now weighted to HTML as the default.

When you create a new subscribe page, the default to setting is now to “add check box for text” which will be unchecked as default.


Additionally, if the page is set up with “add check box for html” it will be checked by default.


This will help you to send html emails to the maximum number of subscribers and make sure those who really want text can still get it.

Security fix

The release contains a security fix, with great thanks to our fantastic community member elprimodemexico for reporting it, and Benjamin Kunz Mejri, from Evolution Security GmbH for initial research.

Remote Queue processing – early adopters it’s time to adopt!

An experimental new feature is remote queue processing. You can get to process the queue on your own phpList installation. This means that you do not need to set up a cron job on your own server, and you don’t need to keep your browser open while your queue is processing.

The service is currently in beta, and we welcome anyone wanting to try it out. There is currently no cost involved. By default this is currently not enabled, but you can set the following config.php to try it out:


phpList remote processing of queue set up in config.php

Some initial documentation can be found here. If you need help setting it up or find any bugs with the new system, please get in touch though the bug tracker here.

Thanks (as always) to the phpList community

A big thanks to the community members who contributed to this release: cmjara, franbenz, sacerro, oboumati, airelle, garethstorer, tynaz, gingerling, duncanc, alpha1, lwc and Dragonrider.

Extra special thanks goes to Edmund for pointing out a vulnerability on our mantis bug tracker too!