phpList 3.0.6 is released


fb-logo-for-v4-blackThe phpList team is pleased to announce a new version of phpList, 3.0.6. This version is a bugfix and security release, which also includes new and updated translations, including German, Russian and Italian.

We fixed several smaller issues and also a security issue that was discovered by David Sopas. We appreciate his careful handling of this issue,  which has benefited phpList and the entire community.

We strongly advise everyone to upgrade to the latest version; if you are a phpList Hosted customer, we have already updated your installation.

A note from Anna

This is the first release I have been part of at phpList – it’s been a fascinating experience! I am so impressed by how people work together to fix problems and make phpList better. Here are some of the many people who have worked on this release: Michel, Duncan, Nikita, Arnold, Niklas, lwcHenk van Dijk, alpaha1danwaterloo and Mariez. Thanks guys! You rock!

  1. Thank you as well! Any open source project should have someone like you.

    The big question is what’s next in phpList’s future? I think one goal should be an official archive of sent messages.

    As you may know, there’s a lengthy forum topic completely devoted for this issue. A team that included yours truly assembled such a plugin for v2. Another member did the same for v3. But I really think phpList is grown enough to offer an archive as an official feature.

    What do you think?

    1. Yes, we definitely need an archive. I hacked together some stuff for our own website, but a official archive would be really nice. According to my experience this should not be that hard…