phpList Configuration Overview


This video gives a high level overview of the architecture of phpList. It explains how the website, the database, and the mail server are all connected via php, and what you need to edit to configure the system.

  1. Good grief. Please have the drawing done ahead of time so you can just point to things. I’m sitting here impatiently as I watch everything being painstakingly drawn in dead silence. I swear I can hear crickets or something in the background of this video. I’m not trying to be mean. This video could easily be half the length and still convey all the information and time is money, folks.

  2. Thanks for the input. I’d be the first person to agree the video is not perfect, but it’s one of my first, and I was just wishing I could have watched this when I started with phpList. I did it thinking the information may have utility for other users, and for people that don’t understand servers and interfaces (most of the people I interact with). I may have mis-estimated the typical viewer.
    Thanks again, and I’ll try editing it down from its current 7 minutes 23 seconds when I get a break in my schedule.