Bloggers we have a problem – we need your reviews!


Bloggers... we have a problem

If you Google phpList, you’ll see some great reviews… from 2012.

It’s not that we’re ungrateful — really — we’re not. It’s just that since 2012 so much has happened!

  • We launched phpList 3, which included major changes (and excluded the orange interface!)
  • The hosted service has taken off, to the extent that…
  • …in 2013 phpList took on several new staff members, including a community manager
  • We have a new community site
  • A new manual being written
  • Many new translations
  • A new plugin system
  • A new API…

From a phpList perspective, 2012 just seems like forever ago.

I guess we just haven’t been working hard enough to get your attention… so, we made a plan to woo you good and proper!

Before every new release (starting this week with the run up to 3.0.7) we will provide tech bloggers who join out new list with:

  • a pre-release seek-preview of each new version
  • a bunch of screenshots
  • a list of new features
  • advance access to any new materials, eg, manual, videos
  • and perhaps, occasionally, more blatant forms of motivation/propaganda (tshirts?)

In short, we hope that we can excite you all enough to make spreading the word about phpList a pleasure! Whether that be  by writing a new blog, updating the screenshots on an old one, or tweeting out on launch day.

All of these things will help phpList party like it’s 2014!