The Gift of Open: after 15 years of phpList, let’s liberate Open-Source-land newsletters.


Help us give FREE phpList hosting to your favourite Open Sources projects.

We have noticed some super-cool Open Source projects are using closed source (proprietary) newsletter software. We would like to change that by giving away unlimited free phpList hosting, on, to any Open Source project that wants it.

As part of phpList’s 15th birthday celebrations next month, we will send your favourite a Open Source project(s) a birthday themed phpList goodybag in the mail, to encourage them to make the change.

All you have to do is suggest a project using the form at the bottom of the page, we will do the rest. Here’s a map of projects that have been suggested already.

Why we care

We are passionate about Free and Open Source software: it’s just better. Most of us here at phpList Ltd. have a background in Open Source campaigns and advocacy, we want to “give back” to the wider Open Source community in whatever way we can.

Why Open Source projects are using proprietary software

There’s no great conspiracy here, just a lot of hurried decisions taken years ago. By the time we offered phpList as a service, many projects were already using proprietary software as a service: the simplicity and speedy set-up they wanted just wasn’t available from us at the time. Now, the obstacles to freedom are falling away: it’s mostly just a case of inspiring people to make the change.

Who is eligible

Any active Open Source software project, whether it be maintained by individuals, a charity or a business, is eligible. Open Source, Free Culture and Digital activism groups may also be eligible.

Suggest a project

Suggest a project below. You can suggest several projects, just refresh the page and start again.

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