New version, phpList 3.0.7 is launched


The phpList team is pleased to announce a new version of phpList, 3.0.7. This release is a minor update. We have added some more security defences, and updated the interface in a few places.
Visit the changelog page to view a more detailed list of changes.

Favourite Feature

Back by popular demand is the option to edit a campaign that is active or has been sent. To go into editing the campaign, you need to view it first, and you will find the link to edit it at the top of the page.

edit sent campaigns phpList 3.0.7

Technical changes

We’ve added more XSRF protection and we changed the mysql functions used to mysqli, which is improved mysql functionality in PHP.  Read more.

Custom error page

If you want to provide your own “Error 404” page in phpList, in order to direct your subscribers to your own site more easily, you can now do so using the new config “ERROR404PAGE”. Read more about it here.

Send a web-page functionality update

To avoid confusion, the send-a-webpage will now disregard any template selected. When you use send-a-webpage, phpList assumes that the complete HTML email is on the webpage.

phpList 3.0.7 send a web-page

You’re part of phpList

As a phpList user, you are part of something really amazing – an Open Source community.  The phpList community includes users, developers, translators and documentors who work together to make phpList great. Current projects include:

  • A new phpList manual – we need help documenting placeholders, advanced list segmentation, advanced campaign statistics and many more. Can you help?  Get in touch.
  • New translations into Bulgarian, Catala and Spanish. Can you help by suggesting translations for phrases? Get in touch.
  • Plugin development – do you have a feature you would like to add? Can you help develop a plugin to make that happen. Get in touch.

The Awesome List!

With thanks to everyone who helped with this new version, including Michiel, Duncan Cameron, Spryte, DigitalBert, jholland, Rodrigo, Stilmat, Mariez, lwc, NGC891, alpha1, Moonbase, Xuazak, BaliDave, lorenzo974, HvD, ichabodcrane, hildeb, mario and wtps0n. You are all truly awesome!

  1. Hi, not sure exactly, I guess they just didn’t get seen to or no one knew how to fix them right away. Can you mark them for the next version? We can have another try then 🙂