phpList 3.5.3 released: Enable Matomo Analytics for your campaigns

phpList 3.5.3 is now available for download, including Matomo Analytics Integration, PHPMailer update and  5 other changes. Changes in this release Matomo Integration is now available as an alternative to Google Analytics. You can choose between Matomo or Google Analytics in the Settings page of your account.  Similarly to the current GA parameters, when selected,… [+]

phpList 3.5.2 release image

phpList 3.5.2 released: more easily accessible bounce records

phpList 3.5.2 is now available for download, including 3 fixes, 3 usability improvements and functionality enhancements. Updated dependencies for phpList4 core module. Changes in this release Usability improvements and functionality enhancements The number of bounces on the “List of Campaigns” page is now linked with the “msgbounces” page making it easier to access bounces on… [+]

phpList 3.5.1 Released: Security Release

This release is a security release – you should upgrade as soon as possible. This vulnerability is present in all versions before 3.5.1. Fixes This is a release to address a recently found vulnerability in the system that verifies a password when an administrator logs in. As a result, attackers can potentially gain access by… [+]


phpList 3.5.0 Released: fixes and usability improvements

phpList 3.5.0 is now available for download. This is a minor release with a few fixes and usability improvements. Changes in this release Usability improvements and functionality enhancements Include the seconds’ value on the Date header so that it is used on the bounces table – thanks to @duncanc, see the pull request Remove “–select one”… [+]

phpList 3.4.9 Released: fixes, usability improvements and updated dependencies

phpList 3.4.9 is now available for download, including 3 fixes, 3 usability improvements and functionality enhancements and updated dependencies for phpList4 modules. Changes in this release Usability improvements and functionality enhancements Allow additional processing of a link click by plugins – thanks to @duncanc, see the pull request Display campaign title and bounce time on the ‘Subscriber… [+]

phpList 3.4.8 released: PHPMailer 6 supported

phpList 3.4.8  is a minor release including one important change. Changes in this release PHPMailer 6 supported On this release changes to the PHPlistMailer class have been made so that you can use either PHPMailer version 5 or version 6 depending on a config setting — thanks to @duncanc, see the pull request. The important… [+]

3.4.7 Release

phpList 3.4.7 released: sharper data display

phpList 3.4.7 is now available for download, including improvements to CSV import, table rendering, and configuration menus. Changes in this release Fixes Switch to Parsing CSV files by standard RFC4180 — thanks to @duncanc and Lukas Jelinek, see the pull request Fix CSS to sharpen display of admin tables and avoid blurred / fuzzy font… [+]

phpList 3.4.6 released: pagination and attachments improved

phpList 3.4.6 is now available for download, including subtle usability and security improvements. This is a small but significant release as the Dressprow theme is no longer included  by default. The Dressprow code repository will continue to be available on GitHub for those who wish to manually install and develop it but it will no longer… [+]

phpList 3.4.5 Released: new spreadsheet download options

phpList 3.4.5 is now available to install, including more data available for spreadsheet export, minor usability improvements and functionality, and 4 fixes. Changes in this release Campaign click statistics are available for export using the new “Download as CSV file” option. A list of links included in each campaign, the number of unique clicks of… [+]

3.4.4 Release Image

phpList 3.4.4 released: Search your lists

phpList 3.4.4 includes a new option to search lists by name, plus fixes, usability, and functional improvements. Use the Automatic Updater to get it, or see the Download page for full installation and upgrade instructions. Changes in this release Search for lists by name The lists page now includes a field to search for your… [+]