New phpList manual published today

phpList has a new manual: a thorough, goal oriented and user friendly guide to using phpList. The manual makes few assumptions about the readers current technical prowess: everything from logging in and starting a campaign to list segmentation and bounce processing are covered in detail. The manual was written by the phpList community and is… [+]

New phpList manual set to launch on Tuesday 5th

Following the successful launch of and a new site at, the new phpList manual will be launched on Tuesday 5th of May. This publication is the culmination of a years work by the new phpList documentation team. Tech Bloggers and Journalists get advance access Our growing Tech Bloggers list have been sent a… [+]

Two new sites launch for phpList 15th birthday

phpList is 15 years old today! To celebrate we have launched this website, an updated, well resourced home for the phpList community. Alongside this we have new site, which re-brands as a services provider. To further our celebrations, we will also be sending gifts to other Free and Open Source projects, inviting… [+]