phpList 3.3.0 – Sleeker. Faster. Safer.


Today we are launching the new version of phpList, 3.3.0. This is a landmark release, since it combines both noticeable improvements on the front-end and extensive work and re-writes on the back-end.

phpList 3.3.0 Dashboard

A new theme maximises screen real estate. (Click to enlarge)

The first thing you have to try is the brand new Trevelin theme. Go to Config > Settings and pick Trevelin from Theme for phpList. The Trevelin theme does more than bring a professional and contemporary look to phpList. It is also jump forward in usability. Leveraging the trend towards wide work areas, we have placed all the options in a menu on the left. This means that every option is easily accessible to you from one single place, under clear headers. Drop down menus do not obscure your workspace any more, and the theme uses your screen real estate better.

If you prefer the old look, you can switch back from the menu (pick Dressprow). The ability to switch between themes is also new and is a step towards making the interface more customisable and user-friendly for you. It also allows you to include more themes developed by the community and adapting phpList’s interface to your specific workflow.


When stats load faster, timeouts disappear. (Click to enlarge)

Another improvement in usability is that we have introduced JavaScript-based loading of statistics. This means all the stats of your campaigns will now load faster and you won’t suffer any timeout errors when calling up massive amounts of data from big campaigns. We have also compacted tables, cleaned up forms, and improved notifications. Using phpList 3.3.0 is easier, sleeker and more enjoyable.

Extensive work has also gone on under the hood. Apart from squashing bugs and improving performance, our developers have jacked up the security with a re-written the unique user ID code system and added more checks for user-submitted campaign data. The bottom line is that the integrity of your databases and your users data is safe with phpList.

These are just a few of the things we have worked into phpList 3.3.0. See the full release notes to read more about changes and features we have added and update now via the download page.


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