phpList 3.3.9 released: ‘Add sender to contacts’ and 11 improvements


phpList 3.3.9 is now available to install, introducing the ability to insert a link to ‘Add sender to contacts’, and including three usability improvements, and eight fixes. Use the Automatic Updater to get it, or see the Download page for full installation and upgrade instructions.

Changes in this release

‘Add sender to contacts’: new placeholder for inserting link to vCard

This release introduces the [CONTACT] placeholder that is used to insert a trackable link to a virtual contact card (vCard) with your organisation’s details included. The file can be imported by subscribers into their local device or mail client address book, and help avoid client-side spam filtration.  The vCard itself includes information such as: Organisation name, From address (sender) and Organisation URL. Support for non-HTML text-format messages is also included.

Screenshot of adding the email campaign sender to a subscriber's address book

Usability Changes

  1. Improve sort order of Campaigns by using different default criteria and storing preferences for each of the tabs (Sent, Active, Draft) — thanks to Duncan, see pull request;
  2. Faster loading of the new Dashboard by improving the performance of the Last Campaign widget — thanks to Duncan, see pull request or mantis issue for more details;
  3. Minor formatting and text improvements to ‘Bounces per campaign’ page — see the pull request;
  4. Add ‘total clicks’ to the ‘Statistics Overview’ page — see the pull request;
  5. Add ‘total clicks’ to the ‘Campaign Click Statistics’ page, and change existing label to ‘Unique Clicks’ — see the pull request
  6. Add separate table columns for ‘Clicks’ and ‘View Subscriber’s clicks button on the ‘Click Statistics’ page — see the the pull request


  1. Correct the values for the ‘Password’ radio buttons on the ‘Edit administrator’ page — thanks to Duncan, see the pull request;
  2. Correct ‘Save template’ on the ‘Manage campaign templates’ page to fix ‘name exists’ error — see the pull request
  3. Remove duplicated hidden HTML input fields on the ‘Send a Campaign’ page — see the pull request

Other Changes

  1. Fix incorrect ‘pageroot’ warning when when phplist is installed in the web root directory — thanks to Duncan, see the pull request;
  2. Use global plugins variable and add other missing checks to avoid issues with remote pages — see the pull request.


This release is the work of Duncan Cameron and other Open Source community members who have submitted bug reports and valuable feedback, as well as phpList Ltd. developers. To get involved in phpList development, check out the developer resources pages.


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