phpList 3.0.9 released


We have been really rockin’ the code of late! Another batch of issues fixed and it’s time for another release, phpList 3.0.9 – all of the issues fixed

Preventing and repairing mishaps

A big theme of this new version is preventing problems during the subscriber import process.

phpList view all subscribers regardless of list

In phpList 3.0.9, users will:

  • No longer be able to inadvertently upload a binary file, such as an exel file which would create garbled data in a subscriber list
  • Be able to see a list of all subscribers, including those not on a list, to make it clearer how many subscribers are in the system in total. This is automatic in hosted, configurable in download.
  • Be able to remove all un-validated emails with one click.

phpList delete all invalid subscribers

Other points of potential confusion have been removed from the template import section and the area to subscribe to new-version announcements after install.

Supercharged export

The export subscribers function can now export much larger lists.

phplist subscriber export speed

AJAX subscription page text

We have added some improved customization to the AJAX subscribe forms/pages. You can now specify the text to display on an AJAX subscription on each subscribe page, instead of only centrally.

phplist ajax subscribe page text edit

Keeping it consistent

Recently, our community has been noting down lots of little quirks and inconsistencies in the phpList mantis, and we have been fixing them one by one. Here are some of niggles fixed in this version.

  • All templates (not just system templates) have the send test option.
  • Access to reconcile users page restricted to only those who can actually use it.
  • Quirk with administrators email rules ironed out; you cannot have two admins with the same email
  • Quirk with admins being able to view bounces from another admins list fixed.

test template phplist

Wordwrap wobbles

We are starting to resolve an sporadic and inconsistent issue with wordwrapping. If you have issues with word/test wrapping, where spaces, new lines or symbols appear in the middle of lines when you send an email, then please upgrade to the new version, test, and report back if you still have issues.

New top level domains

The list of top level domains has recently had many changes: you have has seen domains like .coffee or .guru appearing on the net. The roll-out of domains is still ongoing too.

Several users reported not being able to subscribe to a newsletter with the new domains. This was because the new TLD’s  were not yet on the master-list of domains seen as valid by phpList, so they were flagged up as an error/spelling mistake etc.

phpList update TLD list

Once you have updated to 3.0.9 you will be able to update the list of TLD’s by going System > Upgrade phpList and clicking update Top Level Domains.

A balancing act: SSL on phpList pages.

Most sites involved in the phpList infrastructure have become and now SSL-only sites. This makes communicating with these sites more secure, which is better for everyone: however, those on older versions of phpList may have some complications fetching data from these areas, for example, translations, TLD’s, the latest version information etc.

We are working to make these SSL protected areas accessible to older-versions of phpList for little while longer, but with the intention to stop providing this in the future. It is important that you update to the latest version for security reasons.


The phpMailer class has been updated to the latest version. Many thanks to Synchro for providing this fantastic class for many years.

Bounce processing

The bounce processing system has been modifed to avoid unsubscribing subscribers when one message bounces multiple times.


We changed the way commandline is detected, which should make it easier to set up cron processing in systems that do not have php-cli.

Thank you to the phpList community

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You can find the changes on the mantis changelog page or on the github commit log.

Download it now!

Hosted users will be on the new version automatically soon. Download users can update in the normal way or you can click here to download it.