phpList t-shirts: a call for cool


An “Super” example; a mock-up made in gimp and inkscape using a public domain image.

In a few weeks time, our documentation team will be starting work on a band new phpList manual. It’s a new team and a big task – so we have decided to create a cool gift to give them on manual- launch-day.

The plan is to give away some phpList t-shirts… but, not your common-garden-branded t-shirt, no! We want to give our community a stylish and meaningful design, screen-printed to the highest quality on Organic, ethically produced cotton shirts.

The shirts will be given away, initially to those who work on the new manual – and then to all sorts of people in our community as gifts and prizes.

A call for designs and ideas

We think the best way to get a design for the community is… to ask the community! So, this is a design competition. Ideas, mock-ups and fully finished designs are all welcome; you don’t need to be a designer to enter.


The idea is the most important bit of the competition; we can work together to create the finished design if needed.

The brief is to make a design that;

  • Reflects the phpList community mission statement (which is written in red here)
  • Is meaningful to the phpList user-base and community
  • Is mostly visual, so that it can be understood without knowing a specific language
  • Contains the phpList logo, which is available to download here, along side the phpList style-guide
  • Use the minimum number of colours possible (for screen printing).  4 or 5 at most (but three is better).

yinyan balloon stamp

Additionally, the finished artwork must

  • Be released under a creative commons licence, preferably Attribution-Share-Alike.
  • Be released in an Open Standard, or in a standard that is fully readable by Open Source software such as .svg and .xcf


  • If you want to make a mock-up on the actual shirts we will be using, then choose from the shirts on this site.

    The shirts we have chosen to print on are Organic, Ethically manufactured and stylish.

Who chooses the winner and what is the prize

The community will choose the winner! We will discuss the designs as a community and eventually, vote on which is the best idea. It might be that we decide to “mix and match” designs, for example one person might think of a brilliant slogan, and another a great image. We could choose to merge the two ideas.

The winning designer(s) will get a copy of shirt sent to them as soon as they are printed, and a huge feeling of warmth and joy as their work promotes phpList on a global scale!

How to enter

Here is how to enter your idea or design into the competition

1 Go to the User talk page


2) If you are not already a member, then you will need to join


3) Enter a description of your idea


3) If you have a sketch or full design, then upload it using the camera icon function


5) Click the Add Photos button to submit the post


6) Your done!


You can comment on and “like” peoples ideas using the speech bubble and star buttons at the bottom of each post.