Revamping the community forum


Besides a coding license, one of the core values of “open source” is “collaboration”. Collaboration among developers, maintainers, testers, designers and end-users. All these “nodes” lead to community-made software that is designed to benefit the modern Internet users to achieve their goals.

phpList is not an exception to the rule above, and in order to do, the entire infrastructure is based in open source solutions that are community made: Bugtracker based on Mantis, Translations based on Weblate, Blog based on WordPress, Resources based on Dokuwiki, Manual based on Bookstack, Forum based on Discourse. The community forum has currently 1.9k registered users and 3.1k topics created from community members.

Users might have noticed a few small changes in the past days:

A new banner has been added at the top of Discourse, for quicker navigation to the most common places phpList users visit:

  • Manual
  • Resources
  • Translate
  • Blog
  • Release Notes
  • Download
  • Twitter & GitHub link

In addition to the banner, a new discussion category has been added. The “phpList 4” category was created to group together topics related to the development of phpList 4, the successor to phpList 3.

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