Share your phpList story


Business marketing, announces, education. These are only a few reasons to use phpList. In June 2020 phpList was downloaded 3,090 times on SourceForge (GitHub and website downloads are not included in this number). 3,090 times is a lot of times! This means that the self-hosted installations of phpList out there are a lot and the way and the reason people use phpList may vary. What may also vary is the language, the branding colours, the subscribe page, the level of automation and anything else someone might have added to their phpList installation.

How about sharing your phpList story with the rest of the world? If you head to the community forum, you will notice a category named “Community“. Yes, the entire forum is dedicated to the phpList community but the “Community” category is meant to be the place where people share their success stories with the software. Any type of success story.

A few ideas of what a Success Story might be:

  • Managing to install & configure phpList on your own
  • Send campaigns with impressive statistics (high open and click rates, low bounces)
  • A customized “Subscriber page” – How about a screenshot?
  • Discovering or/and fixing a bug- You are a real hero! ❤️
  • Getting a Pull Request merged 👏
  • Using phpList for many years in a row

If you head to the Community category and click “New Topic” you will notice a template with a few questions. These are there only to guide you, you can have your own flow of thoughts. If you prefer you can share your story at the Blog. We can help you shape your story in a blogpost to be published at the phpList Blog.

But, why share my story?

phpList is a software that was initially developed by only one person upon request of the London National Theater and over time has grown into a complete newsletter tool. The software you are using today is a product developed by many different people coming by different parts of the world and probably that have never met each other before. Getting some feedback from real-time users makes everyone stay motivated and realise that the time they spend helping improve phpList is worthy. So, how about to give (feed)back to the community?

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