UK election email send-a-thon: be the first to try our new manual


A brand new phpList manual will launch on Tuesday the 5th of May.

As part of the launch celebration we will be running a UK election: email send-a-thon. The event will encourage people to learn how to use phpList within the real-life context of sending an email campaign about the general election, which is on May 7th.

Send an election campaign email

send-a-thonDuring the event you can follow the Basic Use section of the new manual to send an email campaign. Your campaign could:

  • Focus on a specific issue: for example on-line privacy
  • Be in support of a particular political party
  • Simply encourage people to go out and vote on May 7th

You can contribute your suggested email texts to by emailing them to anna @ phpList . com, or via this github repository

Get real-time support from staff

If you join in with this event, you will be able to access live chat support from staff on the Tuesday or Wednesday on the phpList IRC. Additionally, you will be given a free account to use for the event if you need one.

How to get started

If you fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you to provide support. The basic tools you will need are:

  • A list of emails you want to send to
  • An idea of what you would like to send
  • One or two hours of time on Tuesday 5th or Wednesday 6th or May
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