Document Foundation use phpList: for Document Freedom Day and beyond.


robot-placeholderToday is Document Freedom Day (DFD), an international celebration of Open Standards.

phpList are delighted to celebrate DFD by announcing that The Document Foundation have accepted unlimited gratis use of services.

The Document Foundation, guardians of LibreOffice and founders of The Document Liberation Project, believe that “documents and their content belong to their creators, not software vendors.” [1}

This belief is integral to the Document Freedom Day message, and to our ethos at phpList.

Working together, working better

We want to support other Open Source projects, not just by offering freebies, but by helping to improve marketing and campaigning within Free Software across the board.

“We have recently switched to phpList to distribute our messages to media worldwide,” says Italo Vignoli, communication project leader at The Document Foundation. “We are extremely happy with the results, because phpList works like a charm and is Free Software. We have definitely improved the management of our messages, and this will in turn improve the visibility of LibreOffice.”

Our offer of gratis hosting of phpList on though extends to all Open Source projects and organisations. You can sign up for TDF newsletters here.

Why we support Open Standards

Without Open Standards, digital tools are broken.

“We have all been there” says Anna Morris, the phpList Community Manager “we try to open a document and only see symbols errors. However, the impact of closed standards is much bigger than what we see as individuals: as a society, we stand to lose access to our digital history”.

Open Standards and Open Source go hand in hand. Commonplace tools, software and licences which you may use every day – Wikipedia, Firefox, Creative Commons, LibreOffice, WordPress and, of course, phpList – are all part of one big global push to keep our digital word fair, free and future-proof.  By using Open Standards and Open Source software, you are helping change the world.

“We are delighted to be working with The Document Foundation” says Michiel Dethmers, CEO of phpList ltd “at phpList we are all LibreOffice users, because Open Source software and Open Standards are the logical choice for businesses”

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