Dropping Dressprow theme from future releases


phpList was initially launched back in 2000, the first Open Source email marketing software. Since that date a lot have changed on the product itself and the people who contribute to making it possible.

All these years phpList has improved in various directions in an effort to meet the needs of its users. “Trevelin” was launched in February 2017 providing a more intuitive interface for marketers and subscribers alike. Switching between the two offered themes is easy through the Settings page. None of phpList’s functionality is affected by the change of the theme, barring occasional regressions.

Dressprow theme

Since May last year Trevelin has been the default theme upon installation and the user had to switch manually to a Dressprow in order to use it. Maintaining both themes has proven quite a challenge; every aspect of phpList’s interface must be tested for each release twice over, once for each theme, in order to catch issues — particularly those relating to JavaScript.

Trevelin theme

Starting from version 3.4.6 in September 2019 Dressprow will no longer be included in phpList releases. Dressprow will still be available for installation via GitHub for everyone who wishes to use it. Patches to Dressprow theme are still welcome. phpList Ltd. staff, who manage the phpList release cycle, will no longer maintain Dressprow. If you wish to continue using Dressprow, please support it and consider becoming the theme’s maintainer. You can try both themes via the phpList installation.

Three months ago, a poll of the most used phpList theme was posted on the forum; no respondents indicated they used Dressprow. One piece of feedback provided by Dressprow users is that it requires fewer menu clicks to navigate admin pages due to its use of hover fly-out sub-menus. A design proposal for improving Trevelin’s menu navigation system has recently been provided, ready for implementation. If you would like to work on this improvement, please add a note in the mantis issue.

  1. Hi Mariana,

    It’s too bad that you’re dropping dressprow. The one thing it does that the trevelin does not is the menus are much faster to use, and don’t change positions when clicking on a selection. As someone who uses phpList every single day, that is a huge difference.

    Ok, I know I can take over development if I want, so no need to reply regarding that. I just wanted to put my opinion in writing. I don’t remember seeing the poll, but one voice would have not made a difference.


  2. Hi @danwaterloo,

    Thanks for taking some time to read the blogpost and comment on it! When it comes to the extra clicks the admin has to take on trevellin, a new design is about to get implemented soon on trevellin in order to reduce unnecessary clicks. Hopefully within the next releases this will be live.

    It would be great if you keep supporting dressprow and share that with everybody else. 🙂


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