Introducing the new phpList manual


The phpList manual now has a new look and runs on fresh Open Source documentation software called BookStack. In the manual you can find essential information on how to customise your phpList installation, how to import your first subscribers, how to integrate phpList with your website, how to evaluate your first statistics, and much, much more.

Bookstack replaces the old phpList manual, and is for the first time accessible for anyone to edit — simply register an account (‘Sign up’ button top right) and gain instant access to every page!

The phpList manual

New screenshots

The manual is been online for years, describing the best practices to get the most out your phpList installation, and taking a goal-based approach to explaining functionality (e.g. ‘Sending your first campaign’). All screenshots have been updated to show the curernt default theme, Trevelin, illustrating a friendly environment to manage your campaigns. Following phpList releases documentation of new features and tweaks will be added. Where you find something missing, please add it!

Be part of the manual

Are you a phpList user? Or, looking to do your first steps in Open Source? You can always help improve the manual by adding sections and pages for other users. Simply create an account at and check the chapters that are already there. At the end of every page there is a discussion link to the Community forum. Suggest your changes and get feedback from the other community members, that way you will be sure that the content you are willing to add or change is not already there but on a different page.

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