Is phpList your Email Marketing Tool of choice? Let everyone know why!


According to during the past 12 months more than 3,113,000,000 emails have been sent from phpList self-hosted installations. That’s a lot and it makes us really happy to see an Open Source alternative reach that many users all over the world.

This number confirms that out there there are a lot of people that like phpList and rely on it for their communications. However, there are there a lot who are not yet certain whether phpList is the right choice for them. This is where you as a current user can help make their life easier.

Here’s what you can do: phpList has now been added in a few places on the internet where you can submit a review about the product and share how it helps you with your email marketing activities. You are the perfect candidate for this hence you know the product from the inside, you know what it can do and what it can not. It doesn’t have to be a long text, just a brief paragraph describing what people should have in mind when considering phpList.

A few points to guide you

If you are not sure what to include on your review, here are some guiding points for you:

  • Choosing to go self-hosted might be because you have the technical skills required to install the software, because you want to keep your subscribers’ data on your own server, or just because you want to experiment a little bit further. Which was your case? Of course, feel free to go with your own flow of thoughts if none of the above applies.
  • You can mention whether you have created a customized subscribe page on your website and how much personalisation phpList allows you.
  • The one-month release cycle – how does that work for you? Is it a convenience have the new features applied as soon as they are developed?
  • phpList being Open Source software and GDPR compliant — was that important when you considered your options?
  • Did the phpList online community help you troubleshoot any issue you might faced?

A few places where you can submit a public review for phpList are:

Keep in mind that you might have a character limitation, therefore try to be brief but specific. It is important to be relevant to the latest versions but if you are still using an older version you can indicate why you prefer that instead of the updated ones.

We appreciate the time you will be spending on this and looking forward to what all of you have to say. Thank you in advance!

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