Localising phpList: Pootle to Weblate


For many years the phpList community has been successfully localising phpList, with 17 languages close to 100% supported, and phpList servers installed in 83 countries. But, why “localise” and not “translate”? The aim is to adapt phpList in a comprehensive and user friendly way, rather than merely translating individual words or sentences.

For a long time phpList has used the Open Source Pootle platform as a localization tool. Unfortunately maintenance for Pootle has been dropped by its developers, making its continued use unsustainable, and requiring the adoption of a new translation system.

The Weblate interface

Weblate is an alternative to Pootle, and created as a replacement for that tool, with very similar features and workflow. Its interface is similarly simple and each registered user can start immediately translating phpList’s strings to their language. If your language is not on the initial list, easily you can add it and then begin.

All you need to register Weblate is a valid email address. Once you verify your email you can start translating. If you already had an account for Pootle you can use the same credentials for Weblate — all Pootle accounts were imported into Weblate already, as well as all existing translations.

Our community of translators has adapted thousands of strings, making phpList a popular solution all over the world. You can see just how popular on the phpList World Map. Join them today at the new translate.phplist.org!

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