phpList 3.3.7 released: new Automatic Updater, 3 features, 5 fixes


phpList 3.3.7 is now available to install. It includes a new automatic way of upgrading phpList from the comfort of your Web browser, three features and improvements, and five fixes. See the Download page for installation and upgrade instructions.

Changes in this release

Automatic Updater

Following many requests from community members on the Forum and Issue Tracker, a new Automatic Updater has been introduced to provide a web-based interface for upgrading phpList, accessible via fresh ‘Updater’ entry in the main menu. It can be used to upgrade to all versions following this release (if you are using a Release Candidate of phpList you can now use the updater to upgrade to phpList 3.3.7 stable).

Notes on using it:

  • The Database upgrade mechanism is unaffected by the new Automatic Updater and you will be prompted to use it following successful codebase updates, as before.
  • Regardless of where your phpList config file is, it won’t be overwritten.
  • As with manual updates, plugins which you have installed yourself will need to be reinstalled following the update (settings for those plugins in the database are not affected).

For more information on how the updater works please see the documentation in the updater repository (including a full list of features), and look out for a dedicated article on coming early next week.

Features and Usability Improvements

  1. Added support for importing subscriber attributes which include field separator characters, such as tab or comma, when the values are stored within quotes in CSV files — thanks to Duncan, see the pull request.
  2. Move the options provided by plugins on the ‘Edit subscribe page’ page to the end of the form — thanks to Duncan, see the pull request.
  3. Allow a plugin to have pages that can be accessed using a remote processing secret — thanks to Duncan, see the pull request


  1. Fix for URLs which are stored incorrectly (truncated) with click tracking enabled — thanks to Duncan, see the pull request.
  2. Ensure that a warning is issued when the config value $pageroot does not match the actual URL. This includes cases when phpList is installed in the web root directory and $pageroot is set to '/'. In this case $pageroot should be set to an empty string, ‘ ‘ — thanks to Duncan, see the pull requests : 443 & 449.
  3. Fix “clicked” on “Campaign statistics” page to show total clicks  — see the pull request.
  4. Avoid PHP notice ‘undefined index’ when sending is blocked by a plugin — thanks to Duncan, see the pull request.
  5. Convert only the numeric part of the php memory limit to avoid php issuing a notice — thanks to Duncan, see the pull request.
  6. Bounce total number formatted on bounces per list page.
  7. Fix the “Powered By” image dimensions and link on the ‘About’ page.


This release is the work of Duncan Cameron, Philip Day, Michael Altfield, Daniel Aleksandersen and other Open Source community members, as well as phpList Ltd. developers.

To get involved in phpList development, check out the developer resources pages.


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