New phpList manual set to launch on Tuesday 5th


Following the successful launch of and a new site at, the new phpList manual will be launched on Tuesday 5th of May. This publication is the culmination of a years work by the new phpList documentation team.

Tech Bloggers and Journalists get advance access

Our growing Tech Bloggers list have been sent a unique login to get advanced access to the manual prior to launch. If you would like to blog about the new manual on your website, there is still time for you to join the list and get advance access.

UK election event to celebrate launch

The UK election send-a-thon is a fun event to mark the launch of the manual. At the event you can follow the Basic Use section of the new manual to send an email campaign. Your campaign could focus on a specific issue, for example on-line privacy, be in support of a particular political party or simply encourage people to go out and vote on May 7th.

Read more about the event here.

Get Notified: be the first to view the manual live

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