Two new sites launch for phpList 15th birthday


phpList is 15 years old today! To celebrate we have launched this website, an updated, well resourced home for the phpList community. Alongside this we have new site, which re-brands as a services provider.

To further our celebrations, we will also be sending gifts to other Free and Open Source projects, inviting them to come and join our community with unlimited free phpList as a service on

“I am delighted with this new site” says Michiel Dethmers, phpList Ltd CEO “community is at the heart of the Open Source movement, and will help keep the phpList heart beating strong and steady for many years to come”

Give free phpList to your favourite Open Source project

Give free phpList to your favourite Open Source project

Help us launch in style!

Share a little phpList love by publicising our launch on twitter, facebook, google or linkedin. There are lots of resources for sharing here.

Share things you like about the new site on social media

Share things you like about the new site on social media bringing us together

This new website is designed to serve and encourage the phpList community, including users, translators, documenters and developers. It should be helpful and inspiring to new and regular visitors alike, and facilitate the doing-of-phpListy-things.

Popular features such as the team home pages, which display our community processes, are still in the mix.

communiuty processes

Leading the way: processes are concise guides to getting things done

Additionally, sought after newbies such as single-sign-on with the forums have been added. The download and get phpList sections of the site, have been simplified into two concise pages.

Two major aims of this site are to simplify our extensive community resources and to bring many different aspects of the community into a single space. Our new forum software, discourse, really make those aims possible.

“The phpList community is diverse and far-flung ” said Anna Morris, phpList community manager “ brings us together, developers, users, documenters and translators, all into the same space. It’s going to be a 24/7 ideas party!”

New forums: shall we discourse this further?

Our new forums, which use super-dooper Discourse, provide a space for user support. They also include comment threads for blogs, social and project based discussing spaces and they will soon depreciate our mailman lists too.

The forums are brand new and empty right now, now is the prefect time to solve those annoying little problems! We need to make at least 5 public topics and 30 public posts for discourse to work well…. you can get started by commenting on this blog post at the bottom of the page 😀

discourse categories

Discourse categories set to revolutionise our community

One week left to give free phpList to your favourite projects

As part of our birthday celebrations we are sending a card and a gift, including unlimited free phpList hosting, to every Open Source project you suggest. Many projects are using proprietary software for their newsletters: you can help us free them.

Suggest a project here.

Here is a map of all the projects suggested so far.

New manual set to launch with election mail-a-thon

Our new phpList manual launches next Monday (if you sign up to the bloggers list you get advance access). To celebrate we are having a UK general election email send-a-thon. Full details will be announced in the next few days.

Needless to say we are thrilled to be getting our hands on this new phpList manual: many thanks to the documentation team for all their hard work.

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