The gift of Open: we have liftoff


To Celebrate phpList’s 15th birthday we asked the phpList community to nominate Open Source projects to receive unlimited gratis use of Each nominee has now been sent their goodiebag.

The nominations

In total, 20 projects were nominated. These ranged from community lead endeavours such as DokuWiki and Inkscape, through Open Source favourites like Piwik and Gitlab to big businesses, for example OpenBravo and Liferay.

Every project nominated has now been sent a goodie bag, with a phpList birthday card, balloons and a candle. The projects where I managed to trackdown and talk to the newsletter manager also received and a phpList tshirt.


The aim of the game

We want to “give back” to the wider Open Source community in whatever way we can; offering free phpList hosting and support is one way of doing that.

We would also like to see more Open Source projects and companies using an Open Source newsletter solution. The simplicity of removes many obstacles, so it’s just a case of inspiring people to make the change… and what could be more inspiring than a DIY Open Source party kit?


Ready to post our goodiebags!

Cheer them on!

The parcels should start arriving to destinations in Europe from today, but those going to Australia and America, will take a few weeks. In the mean time, why not cheer on some of your favourite projects, by tweeting from the links below:

We’ll keep you posted on the outcome!

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