New Manual: Initial Chapter Outline Decided

During a fast-paced, productive meeting of the Documentation Team on Monday 14th of July, an initial chapter outline for the new phpList manual was decided. The team have agreed to spend the first chapters of the manual describing very basic tasks, including logging-in, sending a simple campaign and seeing how many people opened the message…. [+]

Documentation Style Guide

This is a style guide for phpList documentation. It will help us (the documentation team) keep some key elements of our writing consistent – which will make it more readable. Summary For consistency and legibility: phpList is always capitalised with a small php, a capital L and small ist: phpList. Any words you quote from… [+]

How to use the phpList community project managment tool

Our community project management tool, initially for use by the Documentation Team as they write a new manual, is a WordPress plugin with features such as Milestones, Task Lists and a Calendar. This plugin will help us to collaborate on large projects. To access it you need to have an account on If you… [+]

Free phpList Helps Open Funding

phpList helps Free Culture Crowd Funding site communicate with the community. In January, GnuPG became the first to take us up on our offer of free phpList hosted for Free Software projects. Another fascinating project enjoying this perk is Open Funding.  Anna, the phpList community Manager, is on a mission to find out who they… [+]