Giving the community room to grow: is coming soon

At the end of May, we will be launching, a brand new website which will upgrade the current community site and all community resources including forums, documentation, download and blog. The new site will be focused (like a laser beam) on the phpList community, including all self-hosted and self-service resources. There will be room… [+]


Document Foundation use phpList: for Document Freedom Day and beyond.

Today is Document Freedom Day (DFD), an international celebration of Open Standards. phpList are delighted to celebrate DFD by announcing that The Document Foundation have accepted unlimited gratis use of services. The Document Foundation, guardians of LibreOffice and founders of The Document Liberation Project, believe that “documents and their content belong to their creators,… [+]

phpList 3.0.12 released

A new version, 3.0.12, fixes an issue with sending the mail queue in the browser. If you are affected by this problem, you will want to upgrade. If you had not noticed the problem, there is no need to upgrade. Many thanks to our community members for reporting this in the forums, duncanc for alerting… [+]

phpList 3.0.11 released

A new year, a new release – bugs fixed and new features to try. Welcome to phpList 3.0.11! Mostly this is a bug fix and security release, however, we have released remote queue processing in beta for the adventurous to help test. Export subscribers fix Some (but not all) users were having problems exporting subscribers…. [+]