phpList overview screencast generated

Hey everyone, I’m going to generate a series of video/screencasts on how to use phpList. The first one is an overview… how to log in, an overview of the system, and how to send out a campaign: import emails into a list, generate a simple message, run a test, go through the tabs on the… [+]

Free Culture: Free Society (Free Font!)

Today is Culture Freedom Day! Hurrah! To celebrate, we have launched our newly improved logo, which features an Open Font Licensed typeface. To celebrate even harder, we have interviewed the font’s designer: Please give a warm (digital) welcome to Marco, the designer of our new, favourite, and totally Open Source font! Anna: How long have… [+]

Building this Community Site

Hi all, just a quick blog to say that we have now opened up the development/beta/testing version of this site to everyone. This allows us to work together better on building the site, testing new features and plugins etc. You can visit the dev site here. And the login info is user: community-user password: 50ddecd… [+]

phpList t-shirts: a call for cool

In a few weeks time, our documentation team will be starting work on a band new phpList manual. It’s a new team and a big task – so we have decided to create a cool gift to give them on manual- launch-day. The plan is to give away some phpList t-shirts… but, not your common-garden-branded… [+]

How to get help on the forums

If you are not especially familiar with a topic, it can be difficult to explain a problem or question about the topic to someone who is very familiar with it. For example, if you are trying to explain a problem with your car to your car mechanic, you may end up saying something like “It… [+]

phpList 3.0.6 is released

The phpList team is pleased to announce a new version of phpList, 3.0.6. This version is a bugfix and security release, which also includes new and updated translations, including German, Russian and Italian. We fixed several smaller issues and also a security issue that was discovered by David Sopas. We appreciate his careful handling of… [+]

Security Update – we dealt with Heartbleed promptly

You have probably heard of the Heartbleed bug by now. Described as “Catastrophic” by the experts, this tiny coding error was affecting 66% of all web servers. Of course,  our phpList techies were on top of this right away. It took around 6 hours for us to update our servers, and all SSL certs were… [+]

Open Standards Make Our World Go Round

To celebrate Document Freedom Day 2014, I have made an infographic which (I hope) explains how integral Open Standards are to our digital world and society, and in particular to our phpList community. Open Standards Open Standards are, roughly speaking, specifications for formats (such as .odf) or protocols (such as www) that are freely available… [+]