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About this manual

This manual has been written by the phpList community documentation team, individual volunteers, companies and phpList Ltd staff. This Manual is a self-hosted BookStack installation.


This manual will teach you how to use phpList. It provides real life examples where possible and chapters are goal oriented. We hope you will come away from each chapter with inspiration and motivation as well as an education!

Target audience and assumptions

The manual is aimed at users with average tech skills who are starting at the beginning with phpList. The first sections of the book assume that the reader has access to a pre-configured phpList install to play with, perhaps on or provided by their employer. If this is not the case, then there are chapters about installing phpList later in the book which can be used to get started.


Software is not static, it continuously changes. phpList is no different from other software, in that it is regularly updated to fix issues, add new features and respond to a changing environment of browsers and internet technology. This manual attempts to provide you with a guide to how phpList works, but the version you are using may be different from what is described here. The manual should help you to work phpList in a general way, but you may need to interpret it for your situation to make phpList do what you want it to do.

How to use this manual

Most chapters will walk you through a task, with a screenshot for each stage. It may be that you only require assistance with one aspect of a task, in which case skips ahead. 


In this manual, words in Bold generally mirror the word in the application itself. Additionally, each level of a menu is signified with a >. If you need to go to Subscribers in the main menu, and then click Add new in the sub menu, then we would annotate this as Subscribers > Add new.


Documentation team

Thanks to all of the following contributors, in no particular order:

Dragonrider, Nikita Lyalin, Paul Mellors, Dan Waterloo, Elisa, Michiel, Mariela, Orsiris de Jong, JoJo, Lucas Schneider, Guido Hornig, Vedran Vucic, Sylvain, Andreas Tolfsen, Titano, Charlie Russell, Joseph Morris, Björn Balazs, Mindhack, Alexandru Berendei, Marius, Sam Tuke, Marcela Lopez Levy, kitchm, Rodrigo and Linda Ainsworth.



Each chapter in this manual has a corresponding discussion thread on our forums, linked at the bottom of the chapter. For example:

Discuss this chapter here.

You can use these forum threads to discuss a chapter, for example, if something on your system differs from the description in the chapter, if an instruction in the chapter does not work for you or if have an idea to improve a chapter generally.  For more information see the documenters home page.