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Setting up phpList in your own language

There are two "faces" of a phpList install, which can be set up in different languages:

  1. What the administrators see, when sending campaigns for example.
  2. What subscribers, or potential subscribers, see, for example subscribe pages.

    Changing language in the administrator interface

    At all times there is a language selector on the bottom left side of your phpList, right above the "Log out" button. This sets the language of the administrator interface and is set to English by default.


    To change this simply select your preferred language from the drop down. 


    If this is the first time you have used the language this might take a little time.

    The phpList interface will then be displayed in your language to the fullest extent possible: if there are some words missing or incorrectly translated, you can improve the translation. Below you can see how the phpList dashboard looks in german.


    Public/Subscriber facing language

    You can set a default language for all subscriber facing pages, and/or set the language of each subscribe page on a case by case basis.

    If all of your subscribers are likely to speak the same language, for example, German, then you can set German to be the default language for subscribe pages. Then each new page you create will be in German by default.

    Default Subscriber facing language

    To change the default language for all subscribe pages, change to your language file. This file is found in lists/texts/. 

    The change is made in lists/config/config.php, right at the beginning of the file.
     # select the language module to use 
    # Look for <country>.inc files in the texts directory 
    # to find your language 
    # this is the language for the frontend pages
    $language_module = "";

    Subscribe pages 

    If you send campaigns in more than one language then you can set a different subscribe page for each language manually.

    When you create a new Subscribe Page you can choose the display language from the dropdown menu.


    We suggest you name your list and the subscribe page, for example, "Newsletter - in Danish" to help keep your pages and lists organised.


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